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A entire advent to the severe concerns raised by way of scholarship on either books of Samuel. the customarily elaborate difficulties are handled essentially and engagingly; the chapters care for the Deuteronomistic background, the Shiloh culture, the Ark narrat

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It consists almost entirely of utterances by Samuel to 'all Israel' (v. 1), in which he first denounces them for their headlong plunge into monarchy in spite of their creditable salvation-history to date, and then extends to them the possibility of safe conduct in the future, provided that they remain loyal to Yahweh. This is uncompromising The Rise of the Monarchy 49 'two-way theology', and it ends with a warning of catastrophe that reads like an epitaph on the kingdom of Judah: 'But if you still do wickedly, you shall be swept away, both you and your king' (v.

Childs, in pursuit of his 'canonical perspective', takes this a step further with his observation that, if the compiler's arrangement of his material is classified according as it is Tor' or 'against', a purposeful symmetry emerges. If, says Childs, the 'promonarchical' narratives are represented by 'A' and the 'anti-monarchical' by 'B', the resultant schema is B-A-B-A-B, with the 'antimonarchical' material constituting both centre and circumference. How appropriate such a characterization of the several sections is may be judged from the foregoing discussion, not least in relation to the central episode at Mizpah.

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