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By Kishan S. Rana

Within the twenty first century, new varieties of demanding situations due to interdependence between states and globalization have had a identifying effect of the behavior of international relations. international relations has develop into multifaceted, pluri-directional, risky and in depth, as a result of elevated complexity by way of actors, dialogues matters, modes of conversation, and plurality of goals. This particular textual content, written through a number one student and Read more...

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4. Committee or conference management is a special skill, aimed at getting into the “inner group” that plays a key role at each. 5. Chairing a meeting needs sensitive judgment of the mood, a special “listening” sense, and anticipation of problems before they emerge—of course, fairness, humor, and a winning personality are taken for granted. 6. 15 Innovation In business, innovation is distinct from invention; while the latter covers new ideas or concepts, innovation produces higher revenues and/or profits.

Information and communications technology (ICT) is vital, but most countries are still experimenting, to exploit its full potential. The opportunity cost of neglecting technology is high. 7 Some countries still believe that the ideas of performance measurement, accountability or value-for-money are not relevant in their national ethos; it may perhaps only be a matter of time before these become near-universal demands. This is one of the consequences of globalization. Domestic Interface In the past, external affairs drew limited attention from home publics, except during crisis; a national consensus generally supported 5 In the larger foreign ministries a crisis center is essential, not just as the locus of emergency actions, but to monitor international events on a continuous basis, and to alert home agencies to events that may impact on the country.

MFAs would find it useful to develop their own distance learning methods. 6. Implementing simple human resource management improvements: A major challenge for MFAs is to work out fair rotation in overseas postings, given that living conditions and the diaspora representatives; we raised with them matters relating to cultural and economic cooperation, to enlist their support. When we mentioned to this group the possibility of bringing to a photo exhibition on the theme “Muslims in India,” the leader of one of the community groups asked: “Excellency, when will the Indian government put together an exhibition on ‘Hindus in India’?

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