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By Maria V Mavroudi

This quantity discusses the so-called Oneirocriticon of Achmet, crucial Byzantine paintings on dream interpretation which was once written in Greek within the tenth century and has drastically stimulated next dreambooks in Byzantine Greek, Medieval Latin, and glossy ecu languages. through evaluating the Oneirocriticon with the 2nd-century A.D. dreambook of Artemidoros (translated into Arabic within the ninth century) and 5 medieval Arabic dreambooks, this examine demonstrates that the Oneirocriticon is a Christian Greek adaption of Islamic Arabic fabric and that the similarities among it and Artemidoros are as a result of impression of Artemidoros at the Arabic resources of the Byzantine paintings. The Oneirocriticon's textual culture, its language, the identities of its writer and consumer, and its place between different Byzantine translations from Arabic into Greek also are investigated.

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