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By Raymond E. Feist

“Feist always amazes.”—SF Site“Feist has a command of language and a traditional expertise for retaining the reader turning pages.”—Chicago Sun-TimesThe Chaoswar—the 5th and ultimate Riftwar—is in complete, explosive swing in Raymond E. Feist's A Crown Imperiled, the second one e-book within the acclaimed, New York Times bestselling fantasist's huge saga of braveness, clash, and sour final result. once more, Midkemia, the author's brilliantly conceived fable milieu, is in gravest chance from open air invaders—and from treacherous forces within—as the loss of life of a robust chief throws the area into chaos and threatens all desire of tolerating peace. Returning in A Crown Imperiled are a few of Feist's so much memorable characters—including the good sorcerer, Pug, who has been a fan favourite on the grounds that his creation within the author's cherished vintage, Magician—and the motion, as consistently, come...

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