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The final hundred years have obvious many social alterations in Australia. the numerous shortcomings in Australias structure were exposed,leading to the present debate on an Australian republic.

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While of symbolic importance, the issue of the Republic is of relatively little importance from a functional point of view. As we shall see in Chapter 10, most countries in the international Commonwealth have adopted a republican form of government, with a president performing the same functions as the former Governor-General, with a minimum of fuss. I should at this stage declare my preference for Australia becoming a republic, simply because I believe we should have an Australian as our Head of State.

I think not. If that is the case, then surely it means that we should begin by examining what the best Constitution for Australia would be, and then address the practical question of how to achieve reform? Let us, at least, prepare an alternative which is worthwhile presenting to the Australian people, before worrying about how reform is to be achieved. Such an alternative is presented for consideration in the Appendix, which contains the text of a new Constitution, drafted in accordance with the recommendations found in the rest of the book.

At the end of the day, the constitutional order of any country depends upon the willingness of its citizens to resist 33 Ross Peake, ‘PM rejects Fraser’s call for Rights Bill’ (2000) Canberra Times, 26 August, 3. 50–52. 13 A New Constitution for Australia unconstitutional action. A good example of this was provided when, in 1991, the people of Moscow massed outside the Russian Parliament to defend the Russian government of Boris Yeltsin from the coup leaders who had overthrown the Soviet government of Mikhail Gorbachev.

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