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By Julian May

This is a booklet for the numerous hundreds of thousands of readers who've develop into entranced with Julian May's fantasy-science fiction quartet, The Saga of Pliocene Exile.
That saga has develop into a global best-seller and has drawn a lot remark: "A richly creative series... drama or opera within the greatest sense" {Science Fiction Review}. "Julian may perhaps has made a brand new and clean masterwork within the style and has irrevocably put herself one of the nice of myth and technology fiction" {Isaac Asimov's technological know-how Fiction Magazine). "Of the entire authors because the Lord of the jewelry seemed, may well has so much heavily matched J. R. R Tolkien's achievement" {San Francisco Chronicle). Over the process the 4 volumes of The Many-Colored Land, The Golden Tore, The Nonborn King, and The Adversary, the tale has turn into so wealthy, complicated, and so peopled with characters from diverse components of the Pliocene international, advisor and statement is termed for. The Pliocene better half offers a descriptive directory of the entire characters in'the paintings, a chronology, the author's unique maps, and 3 pleasant interviews with may possibly herself. past that, it supplies the reader an opportunity to discover extra the environment of an international six million years some time past. The word list provides details on metapsychology, at the futuristic technological know-how of the Galactic Milieu, and at the unique international of the Tanu and Firvulag. In all, A Pliocene better half is a needs to for fans of the Saga.

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Yasmina! Yasmina! My sister, where are you? I can not find you. ” cried Yasmina, catching his limp hand in a convulsive grasp. “I am here! Do you not know me – ” Her voice died at the utter vacancy of his face. A low confused moaning waned from his mouth. The slave-girls at the foot of the dais whimpered with fear, and Yasmina beat her breast in her anguish. In another part of the city a man stood in a latticed balcony overlooking a long street in which torches tossed luridly, smokily revealing upturned dark faces and the whites of gleaming eyes.

He did not walk like an Afghuli, and was bluntly direct where the East is subtle. “You have seven of my men,” he said abruptly. “You refused the ransom I offered. ” “Let us discuss terms,” answered Chunder Shan cautiously. ” There was a timbre of dangerous anger in his voice. “What do you mean? ” Chunder Shan laughed. “Gold? ” “You’re a liar,” retorted Conan. ” “Well – more than any Afghuli ever saw,” amended Chunder Shan. “And it is but a drop of all the treasure of Vendhya. Why should we desire gold?

IV AN ENCOUNTER IN THE PASS Yasmina Devi could never clearly remember the details of her abduction. The unexpectedness and violence stunned her; she had only a confused impression of a whirl of happenings – the terrifying grip of a mighty arm, the blazing eyes of her abductor, and his hot breath burning on her flesh. The leap through the window to the parapet, the mad race across battlements and roofs when the fear of falling froze her, the reckless descent of a rope bound to a merlon – he went down almost at a run, his captive folded limply over his brawny shoulder – all this was a befuddled tangle in the Devi’s mind.

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