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M. C. Dawson & H. Hauser 36 more flopped over than those in the more densely packed films at higher pressures. Consequently, penetration of tetracaine molecules would presumably not register as such a marked surface pressure increment. II value at film pressures above 5 dynefcm gives a reasonable assessment of this parameter . 0 5 U) "0 0 U) E 0 d 0 u 0 1·0 3·0 5·0 7·0 Displacing univalent cation (mM) FIG. 7. Final displacement of 45 Ca from a monolayer of phosphatidylserine by NaCl (e) and KCl (11).

1967b). Lipids, 2, 21 SHAH, D. 0. & SCHULMAN, J. H. (1967c). J. , 8, 215 SHANES, A. M. & BIANCHI, C. P. (1959). J. gen. , 42, 1123 SLATER, E. C. & CLELAND, K. W. (1953). Biochem. , 55, 566 THIERS, R. E. & VALLEE, B. L. (1952). J. bioi. , 226, 911 WATKINS, J. C. (1968). Biochim. biophys. , KIMIZUKA, H. & ABOOD, L. G. (1968). Biochim. biophys. Acta, 150, 181 AEQUORIN-CALCIUM LUMINESCENCE AND ITS APPLICATION TO MUSCLE PHYSIOLOGY C. C. ASHLEY Department of Zoology, University of Bristol E. B. RIDGWAY Department of Biology, University of Oregon There is much evidence to suggest that small transient changes in intracellular calcium play an important intermediate role in the complex process of excitation-<:ontraction (E-C) coupling in skeletal muscle (Weber, Herz & Reiss, 1964; Portzehl, Caldwell & Ruegg, 1964; Jobsis & O'Connor, 1966; Hellam & Podolsky, 1969).

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