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Q jπ I I freq. 0 Q -jπ Q ... jπ Q I I −Sampling Frequency −Sampling Frequency freq. jπ jπ I Q Q I I Q -jπ freq. Sampling Frequency 0 NCO ... -jπ A negative NCO move the spectrum to the left Q Q -jπ -jπ I I 0 Q jπ Q I I Q jπ I 0 Ideal Lowpass Filter Q jπ I Sampling Frequency ... freq. 12: High Conversion With Direct IF Sampling In quadrature sampling mode, two ADCs are used simultaneously. 13 shows the operation of the quadrature sampling method. 6 shows the mathematical formula for this down-conversion operation.

Let r(k), r(k − 1) denote the received baseband signal at time interval k and a previous time interval k − 1, respectively. 15) where A(·), φ(·) are the amplitude and angle components, respectively. 18: The Operation of Conjugate Multiplication 47 r*(k-1) CHAPTER 4. 16) where A = A(k) · A(k − 1) is a constant. Thus, the phase difference is indicated by the angle of c(k). For BPSK modulation, the only two possible phase differences are 0o and 180o. So, the sign of the real part of c(k) has the information for the phase difference.

We will focus on the Z2000 chip in this chapter. The 31 CHAPTER 4. OPERATION OF THE ZILOG Z2000 CHIP overall system hardware and software issues will be addressed in Chapter 5 and Chapter 6, respectively. The transmitter in the Z2000 chip incorporates a PN spreader and a DPSK modulator while the receiver integrates a digital down converter, a PN matched filter (despreader), and a DPSK demodulator. 2. The functionality of each block is programmable by the Z80182 controller through the Z2000 control registers.

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