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By Prof. Dr. Vladimir Veniaminovich Frolkis (auth.)

There is an Inca incantation which said stated approximately: "Lord, provide me religious peace in order that i will be able to acquiesce to what i can't switch, supply me braveness in order that i will be able to swap what i will be able to swap, and provides me knowledge in order that i will be able to distinguish one from the opposite. " evidently, this incantation might be usually repeated through any gerontologist, because it is particularly tough to differentiate getting older from the tactics which counterpoint the organism's viability, getting older from ailments, and the mechanisms of getting older in numerous species of animals. in keeping with N. surprise, who compiled a useful bibliography of the works on getting older, greater than 43,000 works on gerontology were released within the final decade. Why can we proceed to disagree with each other and carry that crucial mechanisms are nonetheless principally unknown to us even with that stream of data and an important variety of evidence? what's it that we don't recognize? may possibly it's that we don't understand the only sacramental truth that could clarify every thing, corresponding to the hormone of getting older, the programmed triggering of a suicide gene, the looks of a unique poisonous agent within the axoplasmic movement of drugs, and so on? Goethe as soon as wrote scientist in most cases holds sure components, yet regrettably he lacks their sacred link.

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These adaptive changes allow definite central nervous structures to function in spite of the great morphological changes. Hence, the functions of some nerve centres are preserved even when many neurons are lost (Fig. 12A, B, C, D). The extent and sequence of the structural changes in various parts of the brain do not fit into the involutional scheme, according to which age disturbances occur first of all in the phylogenetic ally late formations of the brain. An important fact is that great structural changes in neurons are observed in higher and lower animals with different life spans.

At the same time, some compensatory rearrangements occur, i. e. the area of the nuclear membranes increases and individual organoids become hypertrophied (Fig. 11 A, B). According to the adaptive regulatory theory of aging, important adaptive shifts occur together with atrophy and destructive changes as the organism grows old. This principle has been confirmed by an analysis of the structural changes in the brain. Those manifestations are expressed to a different extent in various parts of the brain.

E. in higher nervous activity, or the fact that the more perfect form of energy generation, namely, oxidative phosphorylation, suffers earlier in the aging process, while the more ancient form, namely, glycolysis, is even activated in some tissues. But this does not mean that changes always occur in this direction as the organism ages. In many cases, the evolutionary more ancient mechanisms age sooner than the mechanisms which originated later and are more pedect. It is enough to trace the changes in the number of neurons, the number of cell receptors, and the shifts in the turnover of transmitters at various levels of the central nervous system.

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