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By Dr. Victor G. Daniels BSc, PhD, MB, BChir, Dip. Pharm. Med. (auth.)

Within eighteen months of the guidance of the 1st version a lot has occurred within the AIDS box. The quantity affected are nonetheless increas­ at an alarming expense - those are actually (at December 1986) nearly ing 30000 circumstances within the usa and over six hundred circumstances within the uk. world wide the AIDS pandemic is a such a lot critical ailment risk and now impacts over eighty international locations. it really is predicted that for each AIDS sufferer there are approximately 50 different people contaminated with the AIDS virus. AIDS threatens each state and each society. the most pre­ ventative measures of wellbeing and fitness schooling to avoid the unfold of AIDS needs to be taken by way of thousands of people helped via governments and voluntary companies. what's transparent is that AIDS and AIDS­ similar stipulations may be with us, in our hospitals and in our com­ munities for a few years to come back. it's been good proven that the agent that reasons AIDS is a deadly disease referred to as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). humans can trap HIV via sexual touch or through contaminated blood from contaminated needles and syringes, from contaminated mom to unborn baby, or therapy with infected blood or blood products.

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Once the AIDS agent was introduced in this way it quickly spread, particularly in a promiscuous population with no natural resistance to the agent. This theory has been criticized on the grounds that the prevalence of AIDS in homosexuals is about seventy times that of haemophiliacs and AIDS was discovered in haemophiliacs only about a year after it was found in homosexuals. According to the originator of this theory, Dr Peter Jones: 'This takes the hooks out of the homosexual community, who are suffering a lot'.

The development of universal donor screening and requests to high risk groups not to donate blood has virtually eliminated the likelihood of HIV infection as a result of receiving blood products. A fuller account of blood products and the putative AIDS agent is given in Chapter 5. (5) HETEROSEXUAL PARTNERS OF AIDS PATIENTS A most striking epidemiological feature of AIDS is its failure so far to spread widely in the community. Only limited spread to female sexual contacts has been reported. This is quite unlike the picture of the usual sexually transmitted diseases.

G. T-lymphocyte helper/suppressor ratios are altered during acute attacks. The pronounced preference of the Epstein-Barr virus for the B-cell (antibody-producing) component of the immune system suggests that the virus is not solely responsible for the predominant T-cell defect in AIDS. In addition the occurrence of Burkitt's lymphoma in immunosuppressed transplant patients as well as in AIDS patients indicates that the virus is another opportunist rather than the primary cause of AIDS. It appears that EBV and CMV are opportunist pathogens that become established after immunosuppression has occurred.

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