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By J. M. Spaight

The legitimacy of aerial battle, the Hague laws, codes for aerial conflict, the Madrid Debate of 1911, sovereignty or freedom of the air, belligerent access of impartial territory, seizure and confiscation, therapy of civilian enemy are one of several conventions of struggle mentioned during this publication. contains fold-out desk displaying how plane and airmen of belligerent or impartial nationality are taken care of after they fall into enemy fingers.

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Paul Fauchille to the Institute Session in 191 of 1. International This draft is Law it Madrid useful and its particularly important, because, before submitting M. at to the Institute, Fauchille invited the remarks thereon of his colleagues, some of and either embodied the view expressed THE PROPOSED CODES in 41 by the latter in his final draft, or, articles with which the other jurists disagreed, detailed where he retained the reason for not accepting their suggestions in the commentary which accompanied the draft code.

To W. E. Hall's small quantities of therefore, be cases rather of hostile assist- They will, ance, rendered with actual either intent to injure, or with that want of reasonable care which amounts to hostile intent, and they will be preventable and punishable as such rather than under the uncertain rules apply which sea to From contraband. nature of aviation, belligerents have will the very to take a what constitutes hostile assistance by than they have taken in the past in the case of sterner view of aircraft non-military vessels at sea.

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