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V. 2011 23 24 2 Species Diversity Ferguson 2006). In old lakes, where trout have existed over a long period, such as in Lake Ohrid situated on the border between Macedonia and Albania, sister species may have evolved (cf. Kottelat and Freyhof 2007). Atlantic salmon have a stronger tendency towards anadromy than brown trout. They have a lower percentage of non-anadromous populations, and they move farther to sea. 2). The two species are also distinguished by the larger mouth, smaller pectoral fins and more frequent dark spots beneath the lateral line in brown trout than Atlantic salmon.

14 1 Habitats as Template for Life Histories Salmonids are oxygen demanding and eutrophication, that decreases the oxygen concentration in the water and bottom substrate, threatens and can even exterminate some populations. The problem is highest at the southern end of the endemic distribution area where the oxygen content in the water is already low due to the high temperature. In northern localities, populations have been exterminated because of acid precipitation interacting with labile aluminium ions from the soil.

The latter is a taxonomic assemblage of primitive euteleosts, established by Greenwood et al. g. Rosen 1974). The species move between fresh and salt water, indicating that the migratory habit is an ancestral character. McDowall (1993), therefore, felt that the present life history style of these sister taxa is informative of their ancestral condition. Thus, he thought that anadromy might be a trait, which the families inhe­rited from a common ancestor. Consequently, it has not been necessary for them to become diadromous in separate evolutionary events; it occurred prior to the evolution of the families.

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