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By John J. Collins

Because the images of the lifeless Sea Scrolls have been published in 1992, there was an explosion of curiosity in them. This quantity explores the problem of apocalypticism within the Scrolls; how the notions of the 'end', Messianic expectation and everlasting existence affected the useless Sea sect, motivated Judaism and filtered into Christianity. Collins' quantity presents a precious and obtainable advent to the translation of the Scrolls, that's an informative addition to the sequence interpreting the main issues of the Scroll texts.

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4Q245 contains a long list of names. In part, this list gives the names of high priests from the patriarchal period (Qohath) down to the Hellenistic age (Onias, Simon). It then continues with a list of kings, including David, Solomon, and Ahaziah. It is difficult to see how these lists could be integrated into the document preserved in 4Q243 and 244. The latter document views Israel in the context of universal history, and is concerned with the problem of foreign 15 DANIEL, ENOCH AND RELATED LITERATURE domination.

A similar, or most probably the same, group plays a pivotal role in the other “historical” apocalypse in 1 Enoch, the Animal Apocalypse in 1 Enoch 85–90. The Animal Apocalypse can be dated on internal grounds to the Maccabean revolt. It is a complex allegory (see Tiller 1993). The figures of biblical history are represented by animals. Adam is a white bull. Cain and Abel are black and red bullocks. The descent of the Watchers is described in chapter 86 as the descent or fall of stars from heaven.

1 Enoch is fully preserved only in Ethiopic, with some fragments in Greek. Aramaic fragments of all sections except the Similitudes and the concluding discourse (108) have been found at Qumran (Milik 1976). The Astronomical Book was copied separately, and is found in four copies (4Q208–11). Seven manuscripts contain fragments of the other sections. 4QEna and 4QEn b (4Q201, 202) contain only fragments of the Book of the Watchers. 4QEn d and 4QEn e (4Q205, 206) combine fragments of the Book of the Watchers and the Book of Dreams.

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