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Marc. 327, giving their incipits and, for the sake of comparison, the incipits of the Moerbeke translations as we have presented them in Volume Two above: Jacobus Cremonensis (V - Naz. ) 1. : “Cum (Quum) in Archimedis libro quern de sphera (sphaera) et kylindro (cylindro) confecit . " ( V , 2r-48r; Ed Part II, 1-52) 2. : “Consequens utique (igitur) fuerit (fuit) mihi . ” (V 48r53r; Ed II, 52-57) 3. : "Momentum ipsum, O generosisse (generosissime) Petre, commune gravitatis et levitatis esse genus .

However, I must admit this seems doubtful to me, since I am inclined, on other grounds than those of Heiberg, to believe that Toscanelli’s exemplar vetus was Vat. Ottob. lat. 1850, containing the translations of Moerbeke (see below, the next section, note 22). Since Jacobus utilized only MS A, MS B not being available, Jacobus was unable to present a translation of On Floating Bodies, which was not present in MS A. But Jacobus did include translations of the two works in MS A that Moerbeke failed to translate: The Sandreckoner and Eutocius’ Commentary on the Measurement o f the Circle.

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