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By Nikoletta Kanavou

Aristophanes, the distinguished Greek comedian poet, is legendary for his performs on modern subject matters, during which he routines fierce political satire. historic political comedy made plentiful use of comically major right names - a lot as is the case in sleek satire. comedian names utilized by Aristophanes for his satirical ambitions (public figures, daily Athenians) give you the major topic of this ebook, which addresses questions reminiscent of why specific names are selected (or invented), and the way they relate to the plays?? characters and topics.

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47 for examples. 58 Like in the case of personal names, epigraphy has increased our knowledge of divine names and epithets. For an overview of the history of research in divine names see Belayche et al. 2005: 5 ff. (P. Brulé). 59 See Willi 2003: 18 ff. for examples. Editors treat them inconsistently, sometimes printing them with capital initials, sometimes not. 60 For a survey of comedy’s treatment of foreign religions and cults practised at Athens, but never fully accepted, see Long 1989: 20 ff.

Perhaps the jokes were directed against a real individual of that name,145 with the additional advantage that the name Theoros apparently lends itself to puns (cf. V. 45, 418). ). An annoyed chorus threatens to chase him Bakk^made (234). The invented place-name is reminiscent of the real deme-name Pallene, but the replacement of the initial letter enables a pun on b\kky ‘to throw’, which expresses the chorus’ aggression towards the hero. The reading Bakk^made comes from the Scholia, and is preferable to the MS Pakk^made, in view also of the participle b\kkym (236) which confirms the pun and adds to the alliterative effect.

It would be tempting to assume that a form of the comedy club 40 1 Acharnians city Gela, which is similar in sound to cek\y ‘laugh’, and in its present comic form to jatacek\y ‘laugh at the expense of’, ‘mock’. Chaones, Gela and Katagela as the names of places where delegations are dispatched, imply that it is not only the chosen ambassadors, but also the missions themselves that are worthy of derision. After the naming of the chorus, there are numerous further targets for personal satire. 167 Such a name comes nicely after the description of unworthy men who offend the old citizens represented by the chorus, in particular by depriving them of their decency and seizing their possessions.

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