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By Anna Teresa Tymieniecka

Flashes of lightning, resounding thunder, gloomy fog, fabulous sunshine...these are the lifestyles manifestations of the skies. The concrete visceral stories that residing lower than these skies stir inside of us are the floor for person impulses, feelings, sentiments that during their interplay generate their very own ever-changing clouds. whereas our mind concentrates at the discovery of our cosmic place, on the Read more...


Flashes of lightning, resounding thunder, enveloping fog, exceptional sunshine: those are the lifestyles manifestations of the skies. This booklet indicates how human mind's eye is knowledgeable by way of the gloomy vapors, Read more...

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337. 43 Greene, Op. , p. 253. , p. 254. 45 I have contributed several previous essays on the theme of attention to Analecta Husserliana, including “Literature and the Play of Attention: A New/Ancient Look at the Roots of Evil,” Vol. 85; and “Fiction and the Growth of Moral Consciousness: Attention and Evil,” Vol. 92 (2005). 46 Greene, op. , p. 272. ALIRA ASHVO-MUŇOZ S K I E S PA S S I O N S : R E F L E C T I O N S O N L A P I E L DEL CIELO ABSTRACT Ordinary experiences of the common sense world are accepted as real and awareness of perception creates this reality.

The novel ends as she walks out on him. “-La vi salir hace un rato. Se veía mal. Llevaba una maleta. Le pregunté cuando volvería y respondió que nunca jamás”. [“I saw her left a moment ago. She did not look well. She carried a suitcase. ,439). It was not a surprise; Lorenzo was a lonely man whose main passion was the heavens, “el cielo”, something that very few in Mexico have any inkling for, being out of touch with his surroundings. Her behavior replicates in physics cosmic forces called strange attractors that never identically reflect but form patterns giving simultaneous turbulence and attraction.

Desires and passions are limitless as the universe seems to us. The unlimited refers to an immense variety of modes presented in experience to man, a limitless scale of what differentiates the relationship of one with each specific existing being. We possess experiential knowledge in an infinite range of what differentiates the mode of existence, forming countless distinct units in one. The world that is perceived has infinitude, spatially and temporally, a dimension of time and coexistence; then the infinite in time and space is a probability.

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