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By Susan Haack (auth.), Jaakko Hintikka (eds.)

Jaakko Hintikka is the writer or co-author of thirty volumes and of a few three hundred scholarly articles in mathematical and philosophical common sense, epistemology, language concept, philosophy of technology, background of principles and historical past of philosophy, together with Aristotle, Descartes, Leibniz, Kant, Peirce, The Bloomsbury workforce, Husserl and Wittgenstein. He has additionally been energetic in foreign scholarly corporations, such a lot lately because the First Vice-President of FISP, Vice-President of IIP and Co-Chair of the yank Organizing Committee of the 20th international Congress of Philosophy. He has been Editor-in-Chief of the overseas magazine Synthese and the handling Editor of SyntheseLibrary considering the fact that 1965.

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FOGELIN not go into all this again, but one of my central claims in defending comparativism was that its critics have persistently misrepresented the traditional position by holding that the analysis of metaphors as elliptical similes amounts to reducing metaphors to literal comparisons. This, however, is not the traditional position as formulated, for example, by Aristotle. " Once Black's interpretive error is recognized, most, if not all, of the criticisms of traditional comparativism become moot.

Tirrell's strategy in dealing with the reductive simile theory is to argue that (1) and (3) are both false. " (340) So much, then, for reductionism in all of its forms. Of course, as a defender of what Tirrell calls a nonreductive simile theory, I do not accept (3). Indeed, I have explicitly rejected it. ' (29) It is, however, understandable that Tirrell attributes thesis (1) to me, for in careless moments I actually commit myself to it. ' That is right, and is not something Tirrell disagrees with.

5 With this clarification in mind, we can see that Tirrell's presentation of my position is less charitable than it might be. " (347) Tirrell then goes on to argue that this "hyperbolic verb-function metaphor," as she calls it, can not plausibly (or at leat interestingly) be paraphrased as a simile. She considers, and rejects, two such paraphrases: (a) When Sandy Koufax was young he was like someone who could throw a strawberry through a locomotive. or (b) When Sandy Koufax was young he could do something like throw a strawberry through a locomotive.

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