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By Sabine Kraushaar

This e-book combines new quantitative erosion dimension equipment with a geochemical fingerprint and a model-based method of degree erosion and sediment flux within the Wadi Al-Arab, a Mediterranean to semi-arid catchment in northwest Jordan. the results demonstrate the neighborhood significance of soil erosion and sediment yield in reference to sedimentation and pollutants of floor water our bodies, suggest controlled aquifer recharge recommendations that concentrate on in-channel structures, and will be used to help neighborhood soil administration strategies.
In Jordan, essentially the most water scarcity-affected nations on the planet, erosion and sedimentation negatively influence integrative water source administration initiatives, equivalent to water reservoirs and groundwater recharge basins. This e-book combines a multiple-response process with new qualitative equipment, reminiscent of olive mound measurements and OSL courting of Roman cistern sediments, to acquire long term normal erosion premiums within the Mediterranean to semi-arid Wadi Al-Arab catchment in northwest Jordan. The implementation and enhancement of a geochemical sediment fingerprint of the reservoir sediments helped to supply new insights on sediment connectivity. finally, the results have been compiled and verified within the SedNet version, which supplies a extra holistic view of the consequences on the catchment scale and will successfully supplement neighborhood administration strategies.

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Thus, this chapter will focus on the IUSS Working Group WRB (2007) soil type labels because these are internationally acknowledged. 1 Mediterranean Soils and Typical Pedogenetic Processes Wadi Al-Arab shows the characteristics of a Mediterranean region as described by Yaalon (1997) with winter rains, carbonatic bedrock material, and a relief of rolling hills with steep slopes. The winter months are more important for the soil development than the longer dry season because of the excess rain. In summer the soils and vegetation dry out (Yaalon 1997).

Water Information and Public Awareness Department, Jordan Moh’d BK (2000) The geology of Irbid and Ash Shuna Ash Shamaliyya (WAQQAS), Map Sheets No. 3154-II and 3154-III. Geological Directorate. Geological Mapping Division, Bulletin 46, Amman Moh’d GK, Powell JH (2010) Uranium distribution in the Upper Cretaceous-Tertiary Belqa Group, Yarmouk Valley, northwest Jordan. Jordan J Earth Environ Sci 3(1):49–63 Peel MC, Finlayson BL, McMahon TA (2007) Updated world map of the Köppen-Geiger climate classification.

To obtain pure fine-grain quartz extracts, the polymineral samples were etched in 34 % H2SiF6 for several days (Fuchs et al. 2005). 2). a. = not available Clay (%) Silt (%) Sand (%) Bulk density (g/cm-3) Water cont. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. 1 Long Term Soil Erosion Estimates Using Roman Cisterns as Sediment Traps 41 42 3 Erosion Features and Measurement Methods on the Slope for irradiation. The single-aliquot regenerative (SAR) dose protocol proposed by Murray and Wintle (2000) was applied for De determination.

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